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Inland Board Sports was founded in 2010 by the owners of Comptech Marine. We saw a need for paddleboards that were easier to ride then the traditional surfboard shapes, ones to use on inland flat water, lakes, and rivers. Located in Redding in beautiful Northern California, Inland Board Sports is about 10 miles from Lake Shasta with over 300 miles of shoreline, Wiskeytown Lake, and Lake Redding at Caldwell Park on The Sacramento River being about 5 miles away. We have rentals and demos available and have all your water recreation needs covered.

We are dedicated to stand up Paddle boarding for everyone from fitness training and flat water cruising, to advanced wave riding. We carry a variety of paddleboards, kneeboards, wake surf and SkySki Hydrofoils. If we don't have it in stock we can get it! Plus all the accessories you may need!

Paddleboarding is a great sport if you are looking for a great way to have fun, and get some exercise it’s a great core workout! The feeling of paddling around a lake and finding a quiet cove, relaxing and just watching the world go by is just hard to explain. Comptech Marine currently manufactures sit-down and stand up hydrofoils under the name SkySki for use in the surf and towed behind the boat. Some of the more famous riders of Comptech Marine SkySki products in the stand up foils are the legendary Laird Hamilton, Rush Randle and Dave Kalama. World record holder and current world Champion Geno Yauchler and world champion Damon More carrying the SkySki banner on lakes with the sit down foils. With our love of the water, the founders started investigating the paddle board sensation growing from of the following of or friend Laird as a training tool on the surf. With our focus being mainly on lakes and rivers, we have focused our inventory towards those types of boards. If we didn’t know it would work there, we wouldn’t sell it.

A Little About Comptech Marine

In 2004, Don Erb, after cofounding Comptech over 30 years ago with Doug Peterson as an Automotive and Marine manufacturing and service business, spun off into the Marine side of the business and started Comptech Marine.

The original Comptech crew became interested in the hydrofoil design and manufacturing business after becoming avid riders and followers of the sport. In 2000 Mike Murphy, the inventor of the sit-down hydrofoil, approached Don and his team to help design a new ski for their company. Comptech reinvented the sit-down hydrofoil with the introduction of the patented LE Shock Tower Hydrofoil. Comptech started manufacturing The LE Hydrofoil for Mike Murphy enterprises the same year. In 2004 with a huge love for watersports and wanting to focus on more Marine products, Mike convinced Don to take over the reigns of SkySki as a full time project so Don started Comptech Marine Inc. Relocating the company to Redding California Specializing in Hydrofoil Products and Marine Accessories along with other private label design and manufacturing projects for other companies in the US.


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