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Are you new to stand up paddle boarding? Do you have some questions about paddle boards that you would like answered before you try it? Hopefully we can answer any questions you might have here, that way you can get out on the water as soon as possible!

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How do I stand up on a paddle board?
The large amount of buoyant force the paddle board creates lets you stand up pretty easy. But the most efficient method is unchanged from normal surfing, a quick, fluid, standing motion where you lift your body off the board with your arms and bring your knees to your chest.

How do I know what length paddle I should use?
A good starting point for flat water paddle boarding is a paddle length around 8 inches above your height. But from here you should adjust to where your natural riding position is, by finding what length is the most comfortable. River boarding and stand up paddle surfing usually require shorter paddle lengths because of the more aggressive riding position, usually around 4 inches above the rider's height.

What is the proper paddling technique?

How do I turn?
Turning might seem like a very basic concept, but an efficient turn on a board is harder than it sounds. Shifting the weight towards the back of the board can help the effectiveness of your turn

Why are paddle boards different then regular surf boards?
Most modern surfboards have been using the same old design for many years now. Paddle boards however, have been more adventurous in their construction, meshing different strengths from sailboat, surfboard, and kayak design. Paddle boards generally use more of a displacement hull to become much more hydrodynamic. This greatly reduces the resistance the water has on your forward motion when paddling.

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